Saturday, October 21, 2006

Trolly Ads

Yesterday while roaming around the streets of my hometown, I saw a small local ice cream trolly covered with RIM banner. First i thought the trolly owner must have found the banner lying somewhere and used to cover his trolly, but closer inspection revealed otherwise. The trolly also had information about some present scheme of RIM. Wish i had my cam that time.
So we are seeing a vew form of promotion here. This is not new for ice cream, cold drink or other such brands who have their own branded trollies, but a modile service provider on a trolly was a little wierd. I guess this was a good way of reducing costs. This trolly would have roamed a number of streets in one day, selling its Ice Cream and how much would have RIM paid that trolly owner. So we have brand visibility along with very low costs. Also normally a trolly has its usual area of operation, that guy is going to roam within the same area everyday. This trolly was roaming around the college area, with very high density of students. I guess RIM had rightly placed its ad in the heart its market without having to purchase any wall, or billboard. So guys keep your eyes and ears open, there are many more such things out there :)

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